Hair colour and cuts at a hair salon near me

Hair Flat iron - Hair Extensions in Northern Territory

Check out our before and after photos of hairstyles from our happy clients. Next time you ask yourself where you can get a stunning hair colour and cut at a hair salon near me in Darwin, make an appointment with us at Lyndall’s Hair Care. For longer, more voluminous locks, speak to us about getting hair extensions.

We want you to love your hair every day, not just after a visit to our salon. Maintain your hair with ease using our range of specialised haircare products that can’t be bought at the supermarket. Whether you have dry hair in need of moisture or an oil-balancing shampoo to keep the grease at bay—ask our hairdressers which product is right for you. Next time you have a hair appointment, be sure to bring in a photo of a hairstyle you like so we can tailor your colour and style to match the image.

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